Ride More, Less Maintenance

Goodbye costly maintenance. The GENIUS uses no chains, clutches, filters oil or spark plugs. Carbon fiber belt directly connects the rear wheel to motor delivering directly torque at levels beyond petrol Superbikes

Fueling Station at your home

Charge your GENIUS at fraction of the cost of petrosd. Your normal household outlet is your fueling station. .Plug in at night and start every morning with a full tank.


GENIUS emits 100% no pollution. No Noise and Vibration. All you feel is uninterrupted flow of the ride and wind. Just smooth acceleration at twist of a throttle.


GENIUS Electric Two Wheeleres are programmed with ECO, SPORTS and REVERSE modes. Performance with press of a button to conquer perfectly back roads and city streets. All torque and no shifting

Never Before Seen in Nepal

To provide our customers with a seamless experience, provide one year manufacturing warranty, as well as on-the-spot substitute vehicle service. If your GENIUS vehicle breakdowns during your journey due to manufacturing defect, we will provide a substitute vehicle within 1 hour inside Kathmandu Valley so that you can continue your jouney. Once your vehicle is repaired, we will call you and deliver it to you.